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Here at i-fern, we are committed to provide you with tools to help conduct and expand your business— as part of our family, we are dedicated to watch you grow and succeed every step of the way.

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What is i-fern?

In the second half of 2012, i-FERN was introduced to the world. Owned and managed by direct-selling and network marketing leader, Filipino Entrepreneurs’ Resources Network (FERN), Inc., i-fern is set to rethink the way we reach out.

Like its mother company, i-FERN believes in a powerful vision: Prosperity through Entrepreneurship. However, the focus of i-fern does not limit itself to local shores but has expanded its reach— globally!

This philosophy will make quality health and beauty products accessible to billions of ordinary individuals across the globe while ensuring financial stability for you and the people you share the business with.

What’s more, i-fern is proud to introduce a generous compensation plan that gives you the rewards of a lucrative business while doing the business in the comfort of your home!